Mallorca Horses is a company that for more than 30 years is committed with heart and soul to the world of the Spanish horses. Originally we dedicated us to the training and education of these impressive animals, the organisation of horse shows and participation in competitions of the classic dressage – until we followed the desire of many of our friends and clients that wished to once ride a horse like ours. We decided to make our horses accesible for all those who ever dreamed of getting in touch with these beautiful horses. The horses that now are waiting for you, are exactly those, who coruscate in our shows and competitions.

Not only because of this, we attach great importance to the care of our horses and for example arrange regular ward rounds by the vet. We have awesome horses, that give a lot of pleasure to us – never mind if just running free across our corrals, our when we are dealing with selling them to the right new owner. We provide regular exercise, in order to maintain the health of our fantastic Andalusian horses, but care for not overburden them – therefore we ask for maximum two activities a day, for example a riding lesson in the morning and an excursion in the evening.

With us, you can doubtlessly enjoy awesome Andalusian horses, which are well trained. It’ll be nearly impossible to find something similar – healthy, balanced horses of this calibre, available for everyone, that is excited about them.